Women in Glass Coffins

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Snow White sleeps in a glass coffin. Closeup of effigy of Christ lying in padlocked glass coffin under light. Family members and friends of Zhuang Huagui and his murdered wife Lu Yane look at the body of Lu kept in a glass coffin during their wedding ceremony Stained glass, St. Kemex Mother and two sons listening to audio guide through headphones , looking through glass at a mummy case, at the British Museum, London, England, UK.

Treasury room. Drinking is killing consept. They may sit in a closed coffin or drink a glass of Death.

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India Turkey, Istanbul. Mausoleum of the Sultans located near Aya Sofy.

Tomb of Murad III. A stained glass window faces inward in a mausoleum at the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A concrete sculpture of an Angel sits on top of a grave in the graveyard of a rural church in the S. The image is sepia toned and created to show the effect of a glass plate negative.

Woman shares pictures of her opium addict sister in a COFFIN

Israel Alcohol is killing. India Halloween decor.


Identity Finally Revealed of the Mysterious ‘Woman in the Iron Coffin’

One of these items was a coffin that contained a glass window at the head of the coffin. While my daughter doubled over in nervous laughter when she saw that coffin, I was curious as to why the glass existed. After some research, I came to the conclusion that the coffin windows existed for two reasons — first, to signal to others that the corpse was indeed dead and, secondly, to provide a means for viewing the corpse without opening the casket. In one instance, M. Nicolle, of France, patented a somewhat bizarre coffin signal in , in which a hammer would be released by movement of the supposed corpse, swinging down and breaking a glass window directly over the head, allowing air to enter the previously sealed coffin.

The alarm was simply the sound of the breaking glass, since the device is used only before burial.

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If anyone ever did wake from a trance in one of these coffins and lifted his or her head, the result would appear to be a face full of broken glass followed by a blow from the falling hammer see Signals from the Grave. Retrieved 24 April Discovery News. Retrieved 16 July Categories : births deaths 20th-century Italian people 20th-century Italian women Deaths from pneumonia Italian children Deaths from Spanish flu Mummies People from Palermo.

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Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins
Women in Glass Coffins

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