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She returns to the Maine to recover from her injuries and although her physical injuries will heal, the emotional costs for her will be high. At first reluctantly, she agrees to allow the narrator to help her in the healing process. The narrator believes from his own past experience with visible and invisible war wounds that he can find the way to help Adriana step away from the black pit of depression that beckons invitingly to her. He will learn the hard way that even the willing caregiver will encounter many rough trails when helping the seriously wounded recover from physical as well as post traumatic wounds.

Unexpectedly while attending a community Christmas charity ball, Adriana encounters illegal drug sales and intercepts the sale.

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Mastering this new "mission" using knowledge and skills from previous training energizes her and marks a turning point in her recovery. She expects to be recalled by the intelligence agency which has employed her all her life, and soon that recall arrives. But she is not ready to return to field duty, and she returns to Maine, suspecting that she may be retired as mentally and physically unable to perform normal mission requirements. She and the narrator turn their attention to building their lives together.


They are surprised when they are attacked by an assassin at a granite quarry while searching for a piece of granite to have moved to the front door of the house they live in by the shore. Only the narrator's military experience and training and Adriana's training along with her insistence on carrying her weapons saves them. Like most Americans and many people throughout the world, Adriana and the Narrator will watch in amazement as the World Trade Centers fall on September 11, Not long afterward, Adriana is surprised when the identity of the airline hijackers is revealed, and shortly afterward, she is once again recalled to service.

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She knows then that a decision has been made that she will be used since as she says, "they have decided who is to be punished for the World Trade Center. This time she promises to return as soon as possible. It took me five years…but you! She turned to face the white-haired man. Connecting with my magic? And it changes everything. You should be able to feel your magic with ease now. All you need to learn is what it feels like in order to summon it.

Brongr stared glanced at Axil and the turned his gaze towards Raven. He softly patted her on the head and turned around. Not now! She sighed, turning her gaze back to the white-haired man. She saw him walking towards her with a scroll in his hand. Raven followed his lead and sat down opposite him. His head was turned to the scroll in his hands and his face seemed to be made out of stone, unreadable.

A few strands of white hair fell across his handsome face, giving him an almost soft and kind appearance.

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Does he know? He saw her staring at him, absentmindedly. He could guess what she was thinking about. She lowered her head, not knowing how to answer. Axil lowered his gaze for a few seconds. Raven looked up at him, a sudden anger washing over her. All I know about you is that you are here to kill Beastie, that you have magic and are creeping me out! Raven jumped up and walked away from the white-haired man. She grabbed her bundle of clothes and walked towards the stream. She tossed the clothes down on the ground and started to wash them vigorously.

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She felt embarrassed and angry that a complete stranger could read her so easily. What is wrong with me!? All rights reserved.

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    Altman s department store on Fifth Avenue. Engaged to her childhood sweetheart, the steadfast Dante DeMartino, Lucia is torn when she meets a handsome stranger who promises a life of uptown luxury that career girls like her only read about in the society pages. Forced to choose between duty to her family and her own dreams, Lucia finds herself in the midst of a sizzling scandal in which secrets are revealed, her beloved career is jeopardized, and the Sartoris honor is tested.

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    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I The Mists of Adriana - Book I
    The Mists of Adriana - Book I

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