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He spots the jock from homeroom, laughing his with friends.


Erik Decker is just delectible, with his messy blond hair and friendly green eyes. Another boy swings an arm over his shoulder, dark brown eyes lifted in laughter. His black hair is buzzed short on his scalp. He makes a note of a few other good looking options in his head, but for now he'll stick with home room. The door to the boy's bathroom opens just as he starts drying off his hands.

Erik Decker pulls his cock out in front of the urinal and lets fly.

Priestly takes a little longer drying his hands then normal, not bothering to hide the way he's glancing at the fat cock the other teen's been hiding in his blue jeans. Erik turns to face him, half hard, and smirks. He hears the sink turn on. Hold your fucking horses. We've got a half hour before class starts, plenty of time for me to loosen your cunt.

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Priestly kneels on the tile floor in front of him and reaches for the hard cock in his face. He leans forward and licks the head, watching Erik shiver, before pulling the length into his mouth. He holds onto the blond jock's thighs, pressing him against the wall, and sucks lazily. You like fucking your face on my fat cock, bitch? Erik pushes him off a moment later. And try to relax, wouldn't wanna tear your pretty ass, now would we? Priestly smirks and stands, obeying. The cold countertop presses against his nipples and he keens.

Erik smacks his ass, grinning when the other boy yelps in surprise. It's hard, not even a joke. He's tightened up quite a bit since this morning and Erik isn't exactly small. Spit is shitty lube.

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Priestly mumbles a spell into the countertop, and Erik slides in a lot easier. Not enough to notice. The fingers on his hips are gonna leave some fucking beautiful bruises, nails digging in deep enough to draw blood. Erik pulls out almost all the way before slamming his hips forward, right into Priestly's prostate, and Priestly moans. Erik sets a brutal pace, fucking him open and using him like a blowup doll, but whatever, it feels good and nearly every thrust is hitting his prostate.

Erik's balls smack against his ass, his lips are pressed against Priestly's neck, there's gonna be a pretty hicky there when he's done. Priestly cums with a whine and Erik continues to fuck his overstimulated ass for another couple minutes before he pushes himself over the edge with a roar. He pulls out and looks over his handywork, the fucked out form beneath him. Priestly's shaking, cum slipping out of his ass and dripping down the counter onto the floor. His hips are already starting to bruise, and there's an obvious hicky on his neck.

Erik smacks his ass again, watching the shorter teen shiver, before pulling his pants up and zipping them closed. He pulls a sharpie out of his bag and writes his number on Priestly's ass. His shirt collar covers the hicky, at least. She drops a pizza box on the coffee table, kicks her heels off, and bites into a slice. Priestly smirks, not looking away from the screen.

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He wants to hand out sometime. She snorts.

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Netflix wrapped up the event by revealing the trailer for Season 2, which fans can look for on Monday morning. Sign in.

Storm and Skye – magical adventure story for kids

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    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1) Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)
    Introducing Checky! (Checkys Magical Adventures Book 1)

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