Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)

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I know that it is easier to stay in your home. However, if you desire to own a center, then go for it. Are you worried about managing employees? If you take the time to empower yourself, you will Succeed!!

That was just a few suggestions that I have for moving from a home to a center. Do you feel inspired to start a Child Care Business? Not sure how to get started? In fact, I believe that if you desire to start a Business, it is vital that you develop your Faith. Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped for and the Evidence of things not seen yet. So what is it that you hope for? Faith is also having confidence that you can Do it!

Without Faith, it is almost impossible to Build a Business. Moreover, I have found that It was easy to go to my job everyday; knowing that I would get a paycheck every two weeks. However, when you decide to start you own business, you will be the person creating the paycheck and that takes Big Faith, Motivation, Tenacity and Determination to keep that business going.

I worked as a Medical Assistant from In fact, I was starting to get very bored. I was inspired to start a home daycare back in I knew there was more for me. While doing my laundry one day back in , I heard the following words in my spirit: Start a Daycare. I knew that God was inspiring me to start a business and I resisted the thought at first. Until, I decided to give my boss a 6 week notice and I quit to start my home daycare. Today, My home daycare has grown from one center to two locations and I am still focused on growing my Business by Faith!

Are you ready to start that Child Care Business? Business Management , Home Daycare , Marketing. Do you desire to start or grow a Child Care Business? Have you been procrastinating because it never seems like the right time to start your Business? Are you afraid to start that business? Have you been thinking about expanding, but you keep talking your self out of going Bigger?

I know first hand what it feels like to take a risk and start your Own Business or to expand your Business and you barely have enough money in the bank to give yourself a paycheck. In fact, I have found that you must have Big Faith if you want to start or grow a Business.

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In fact, it is your faith that will cause you to take a risk and build the business of your Dreams. Furthermore, without Big Faith, you will be stuck, you will continue to procrastinate and you will continue to talk your self out of Building that business of your dreams. Curriculum , Marketing. It was a great book and it was filled with forms and great center management ideas. There is one business management tip that I received from the book and I still implement that practice today and it is: The Monday Memo! Every Monday, my center Directors issue a Monday memo to the staff.

The purpose of the memo is to inform the staff on our goals for the week and to remind the staff of upcoming events. Also, Our Monday memos remind the staff of important quality care practices and we share team building quotes. If you manage a team of 3 or more employees, I challenge you to consider issuing a Monday Memo every Monday. Its a great way to consistently communicate with your team! Need forms for your Center?

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Download Forms Galore. Click Here Are you having challenges with managing your center? I am just a phone call away. Schedule a coaching session with me today! When you enroll new children in your Child Care Facility, parents need to be informed of your policies and procedures. The best way to inform parents about your program policies is by issuing a parent handbook. The parent handbook that I have created is designed to provide your parents with an overview of your facilities policies and procedures.

It is also a great way to orientate families into your program and market your childcare program to families that are considering enrolling their children in your program. The handbook also includes a sample transportation policy, emergency preparedness letter and a payment agreement.

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Need a parent handbook for your child care program? Download your copy today and personalize the handbook to fit your program philosophy! Do you have cool, fun and enriching activities planned for the children? Need some fun ideas for your Summer program? The Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club provides you with Summer related theme based lesson plans for children ages 12months -5 years of age.

Week of the Young Child is April ! If you are serious about growing your business or creating a mindset for success, I want to invite you to join me and other Child Care Business owners in my New Coaching program. In the program, you will receive weekly coaching emails from me, you will have access to my private group on facebook and a monthly group coaching call! Do you have plans to expand your Child Care Business?

Are you afraid of what comes with Business growth? If you answered yes to any of the questions above. I want you to know that I once had plans to expand my Business. Today I want to tell you this…The best days of your Business will come as you step out on Faith and do what fears you the most. During the entire month of March, I will be coaching on the topic of Business Growth. Most of all, I will be sharing my story with the members of My Mentorship Progam and providing the members with Business Growth strategies.

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If you have a dream of expanding your Child Care Business? It is time to move in the direction of your Dreams! If you want to see results in your Business, there is one thing that you must do: Get Clear! Have you been going in circles about the same issues in your Business? Have you been all over the place?

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I was going through some old audio files and I found an Audio that I believe will help you to get clear about your Business Goals. Ready to take your Business to another level? Sign-up Today. Own a Child Care Center?

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Download it today! My daily marketing plan includes sharing photos of our daily routine and of class room activities. Facebook is free and its a great way to show the world all the great things that you do in your Child Care Business. Furthermore, I want to challenge you to take the time and turn your Facebook page into an Experience. Her feedback encouraged me to keep posting daily and showing the world all the great things that we do at my Child Care Facility. So be sure to take photos daily that tell a story and entice parents to want to bring their children to your daycare!

I think you get the point. The more that you share, the more exposure that your Child Care Business will get! Most of all, every time that you share a photo,you are showing parents the experience that children will get in your Child Care Program!

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  • Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)
    Human Resources in Day Care (Be Your Own Boss)

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