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Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful and transformative yoga practice! So how does it work and why does it work so quickly?!

The combination of kriyas physical postures , breath work, mudras, mind focus, meditation, mantra, energy work and relaxation serves to help us clear our fears, blocks, and limitations, and elevate our vibration and awareness to a whole new level. It can very quickly provide the leverage we are seeking to clear unconscious patterns and behaviour and consequently raise our vibration in a way that allows us to connect more fully and completely to our infinite selves and true potential depending on what we choose to practice and for how long of course!

Check out the 7 reasons of many more below why a regular kundalini yoga practice could well be the very thing that all those already on the spiritual or personal transformation path need to up-level their current personal and spiritual development. As a long-time spiritual explorer, things only really started to shift for me when I picked up this practice and did it consistently and completely!

The power of kundalini yoga helps this process along more quickly by silencing the mind and allowing us to hear and connect more deeply with our inner senses and intuitive guidance.

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Through this connection, we gain the power to release judgements towards ourselves and others, and see only love in its place. Kundalini yoga works like a super hero to strip away those false masks, identities, and protective layers to not only connect you to your own truth, but catapult this out into the world. It allows us to perceive and connect with more subtle aspects of the physical as well as the infinite field of consciousness and use this subtle intelligence to support and enhance our day to day flow and experience.

He had died holding a deep resentment toward her and she had died feeling guilt toward him. Unbeknown to her,Paul was deeply in debt even though he had a good job as a vice president of a well-known corporation. He was a gambler and had lost most of his money at the tables, which is why his wife had left him.

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inner self: a yoga memoir – Higher Self Care

At this time he was still trying to pay off some of his bills. Otherwise, he would have to declare bankruptcy, something he did not want to do. Finally he told Elise of his plight, lying by saying that his finances were bad because his wife had taken everything and left him with enormous debts.

The next day Elise presented him with a gift, and when he opened it, there was a small Paul Klee painting. She told him that it was worth at least several hundred thousand dollars and now he could get out of debt. He sold it right away. But instead of paying off his debts, he went to Monte Carlo hoping to double the money.

Instead, he lost it all. Of course she knew he was lying. This was difficult for her to take, as she was deeply in love with him. She made some inquiries and discovered the truth, that he was a gambler and this was why he was in such debt.

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Elise told him what she knew, but instead of ending the relationship, she offered to help him. She even said she would sell another painting to pay off his debts, but only under the condition that he undergo treatment for his addiction. Paul agreed, and Elise followed through by selling another painting.

But this time she paid his bills herself and also personally paid for the therapy, so that he would not be tempted to gamble away the money. Elise is a good example of someone who valued beauty and friendship. She could have easily rid herself of this man who was a scoundrel, but she loved him and saw something in him that was good.

They were friends, never lovers, because he had an unconscious fear of ever getting romantically involved with her. Her real worth was in her integrity to do what she felt was right for a friend, even if it meant losing a great deal of money. Some may say she was foolish, but in actuality she paid back her karma of having cheated on him in the former life, and in so doing, helped him to become whole again. Paul did conquer his addiction, and was always grateful to her for her love and kindness. If, for example, I am feeling a need to build boundaries in a given relationship, then I am protect-ing myself.

In that sense, I am protecting my worth so that others do not infringe on it.

If the boundaries are too strong, then your worth is set too high and you are asking for more than you are worth. An example would be a person who feels deserving of a certain kind of treatment, treatment that this person would not give to others. Usually people undervalue their worth and need to adjust it accordingly.

The ability to listen to others with the heart.

The need to be of service and help those who need help. Intuitively knowing the right action. Using your abilities to promote a peaceful atmosphere. Having the desire to improve oneself and grow. Being honest and truthful to others.

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Being able to confront a situation head on. Having integrity at all times. Looking at anything that is difficult and not hesitating to take the right action. Seeing life as a possibility to learn and change. Wanting to be successful in your given work. Looking at those around you and knowing how to deal with them correctly, whether they are close friends or people you dislike.

Category: Uncategorized. Reviews Write Review Excerpts. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Chapter 3 The True Meaning of Worth In this chapter we are going to explore how a yogi comes to value his or her self.

Higher Self Yoga, Book I Higher Self Yoga, Book I
Higher Self Yoga, Book I Higher Self Yoga, Book I
Higher Self Yoga, Book I Higher Self Yoga, Book I
Higher Self Yoga, Book I Higher Self Yoga, Book I
Higher Self Yoga, Book I Higher Self Yoga, Book I

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