Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues

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Chair's Welcome. Not surprisingly, we now have an example of green building litigation arising from this very scenario. On February 16, , Shaw Development, L. Shaw Development filed a counter-complaint against Southern Builders, Inc. Southern Builders case in detail:. To enforce the law, there is a bonding requirement for each project. Today's Washington Business Journal [subscription required, but you can get a synopsis of article here ] reported that the surety industry is complaining that the enforcement mechanism is flawed:.

Those dollars would be paid into a new city green building fund aimed at helping implement the legislation. But the bonding mandate has surety companies wondering which party in the project — whether the building owners, the contractors or the designers — must shell out for the performance bond, therefore bearing the risk of noncompliance. If there is bond default, litigation will surely follow, funded either by the parties involved, or the surety guaranteeing the bond.

City of Albuquerque, to enjoin the legislation from taking effect due to the poor drafting of the legislation. Below is an update to that article. Green building has hit the real estate scene remarkably quickly, but little attention has been paid to the legal implications of this new area. As green building and ecological sustainability considerations are becoming more prevalent, new regulations are being enacted by local governments around the country and old regulations are being adapted to embrace green building practices.

State, local and federal dollars are being made available for green building projects through tax incentives and grants. Insurance companies and financiers are making products and instruments for green building projects available. As a result, there are new legal issues to consider when embarking on a green building project, including: drafting construction and design contracts that incorporate green building standards; navigating the local building and zoning approvals processes and securing public financing; negotiating with insurance and financial institutions and resolving disputes over green building projects that fail to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Green building projects large and small must obtain permits from local governments, but the regulatory environment is in flux. In many places the zoning and building codes were developed in response to the health and safety issues of a century ago, and certainly not developed with green building in mind. In others, due to lack of action on the federal level, local governments are creating new regulations to encourage sustainable development.

As old regulations are being adapted to new technologies and new regulations are developed, attorneys can provide critical guidance on the local regulatory landscape as part of the planning for a green project. Furthermore, private and government entities are providing significant financial incentives to encourage green building.

For example, Gov. Edward G. Fireman's Fund offers discounted pricing for building owners who commit to greens standards, and provides specialized insurance to allow for repair or replacement of green building projects in the event of a loss.

Lawyers have a unique role in identifying and securing access to financial incentives and risk management tools. Participants in the development process will require new contracts to ensure compliance with green building goals. If a project must achieve a certain LEED or similar rating to qualify for funding or approval, the construction and design contracts should reflect that ambition.

Finally, although the green building movement is in its halcyon days, new expectations will inevitably lead to conflict. A multimillion-dollar development project will fail to gain the LEED credits required to secure a government grant, and litigation will doubtless ensue. These are some of the legal considerations in building green.

Considering the legal issues should not be seen as an impediment to green building, but rather as a way to manage risk and to proceed with a smooth development process. Parts of this post were previously published in the Legal Intelligencer. Tags: Clean Power Plan , Litigation , Quigley , clean power plan lawsuit , corbett , pennsylvania , stay , wolf. Blue vs.

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Grey Over Green in Murray v. Happy Monday! Tags: EPA , Litigation , clean air act , clean power plan , cross border , cross-border , cross-border rule , environmental protection agency , mccarthy , murray , murray v. Decision in BIA v. Washington does not clarify when energy efficient codes are preempted by Federal law Posted on July 13, by Shari Shapiro. More analysis to come…. Tags: Litigation , class action , energy star , greenwashing , home depot , maytag , ohio , savett , whirlpool.

Tags: AHRI , Litigation , albuquerque , bia , code , energy efficiency , lawsuit , opinion , preemption , state of washington , vazquez. In summary: To the best of my research, Mr. Posted on April 11, by Shari Shapiro. A: Probably much closer than you think. Tags: Litigation , USGBC , building , consumer , fraud , frauds , gifford , green , lawsuit , motion to dismiss , new , suit , york. Although the SIDA did not put up any money outright, it gave the project a 30 year tax abatement, presumably on the premise that completion of the project would bring economic development.

If the project is devalued by the impact of the tax issue, Congel may be in breach of whatever settlement he came to with Citibank. Tags: Litigation , bond , carousel , congel , destiny , irs , sida , suit , syracuse , tax , usa. Posted on February 9, by Shari Shapiro. Gifford alleges that the people and entities that have been and will be harmed include: USGBC's misrepresentations have and will continue to deceive consumers and voters, taxpayers, developers, municipalities, and legislators at the local, state and federal levels.

Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues

Gifford Files Amended Complaint in Gifford v. It is not a class action. The monopolization claim has been eliminated.

Several new plaintiffs have been added, including an architect, an engineer, and a "speciali[ist] in moisture barrier design and mold remediation. For example, with respect to a study on the performance of LEED buildings: The self-selection bias is so obvious, it's about as reliable as using breathalyzer tests of drivers who volunteer to be tested as a gauge of how many people drink and drive.

Green Building Law Update

See Amended Complaint at Paragraph 32 b. A quick summary of the case is as follows: Mr. Importantly, the Court notes: The opening brief describes plaintiff's system, "an industry standard collector one foot by one-foot comparable in size to a solar panel on a freeway call box , separate inverter and storage battery, [which] collects, stores and distributes solar energy for electrical generation. Tags: Litigation , california , regulation , solar , west hollywood.

According to the Star-Tribune : The program, funded in part with a grant from the MPCA, is voluntary and will have different criteria depending on the type of project. Again, from the Star-Tribune : But with the construction market so fragile, any additional costs for green certification can be detrimental, especially when many buyers are wondering whether their home values have hit bottom, said Mike Otto, a home builder and remodeler. Tags: Litigation , batc , green , green star , greenstar , minnesota , twin cities.

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Posted on December 6, by Shari Shapiro.

Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues
Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues
Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues
Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues
Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues Chapter 016, Building Green Litigation and Liability Issues

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