Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return

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Evidently Jake had a brain fart when he decided to hire Terry Brogan to search for the girl who deserted him, because Jake and Terry are worlds apart in the looks and charm departments. Jeff Bridges's athletic Terry, who has history with Jake, is unwittingly drawn into a vortex of corruption during his search for Jessie. Although always watchable, Jeff Bridges has had better and more demanding roles than an injured jock playing private eye. Despite a decent script adapted by Eric Hughes from Daniel Mainwaring's original, the film's central mystery is why Jake and Terry would be hopelessly drawn to a shallow drifter like Jessie.

Ward received top billing over Bridges and Woods, another mystery as baffling as any in the plot. Experienced veterans provide solid supporting performances, led by a still-handsome Richard Widmark, who, at age 70, remained a commanding presence. In a nod to film buffs, Jane Greer, star of the version, appears as Ward's cold distant mother. Location work in the Mayan temples of Mexico's Yucatan is travel-log appealing, and the end credits feature an Oscar-nominated title song by Phil Collins.

Against All Odds, Back from the Point of No Return Summary

An exciting car race through Los Angeles traffic is thrilling, if pointlessly reckless. Although "Against All Odds" runs more than 20 minutes longer than the original, Bridges and especially Woods are compelling enough to hold attention even when the tricky plot wanders. I expected a cringefest, but actually ended up liking this movie a lot.

Befitting its era, it has a sleazy "Miami Vice" atmosphere, complete with Porsches, Ferraris, casual jackets, big hair and a great soundtrack including a live show by the one and only Kid Creole. But there's more. Jeff Bridges and James Woods, who play fairly complex characters well. A dark script that delivers some good moments, especially during the final 30 minutes. But is that a bad thing? Just bought and watched this DVD. This is the first time I've watched this film for many years.

I've always loved this film and its great to finally own it on DVD. Its hard to believe this film is 20 years old now but it hasn't dated and is one of the best films to come out of the 80's. Its a cracking thriller that goes along at a fast pace.

Rachel Ward is totally stunning in this film and has a fantastic body though sadly we don't get to see all of her body thanks to some pretty remarkable camera work!! The scenes between her and Jeff Bridges are very hot. James Woods is great in this film as well. Its a real tear jerking end with the end credits rolling to Phil Collins greatest ever song 'Against all Odds' with our two stars of the film unable to be with each other thanks to Rachel Ward's powerful family.

If ever a film needed a sequel it was this one but sadly it was never made. This film is well worth owning on DVD and can be bought at a pretty cheap price and comes with quite a few deleted scenes which do add to the film. On the whole this is a very watchable film with some very steamy scenes.

A little known fact is that the song 'Against All Odds' was a reject song from one of Phil Collin's albums which he deemed wasn't good enough for the album!!!! Parts of "Against All Odds" are absolutely magnificent. The Mexican location photography is terrific. Rachel Ward looks great as does Jeff Bridges. The chemistry between them is mostly believable.

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I liked James Wood's smarmy, pompous, character. Alex Karras seemed miscast, as did Richard Widmark. The story piles on a thickening plot that occasionally wanders off course, and is probably more complex than necessary. No police are involved, and bodies too conveniently disappear. The ending seems especially forced, with an outcome that is less than satisfying. The film is beautiful, however the characters are mostly unlikeable, including Rachel Ward's. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this partially flawed movie. Loosely based on Out Of The Past, this updating brings some new elements, many of which work, a few of which don't.

Neat use of Jane Greer, heroine of the first film, as heroine's mother. So many new twists and turns, knowing the original will not spoil this thriller's conclusion. Only thing as per usual with Taylor Hackford, the film goes on a bit too long, but most of it is so good, you won't mind. Anyone who has ever read Daniel Mainwaring's novel 'Out of the Past' will quickly see the connection to Hollywood's newest remake called " Against All Odds.

In the original Mainwaring story, the hero plays a detective, the second transforms him into a football player. Both are essentially hired to travel South, searching for a run-away girlfriend with stolen cash. Both find the girl and then the story becomes more convoluted than a Bavarian pretzel.

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The movie is fraught with twists and turns and once inside the story-line, it becomes difficult to follow who is doing what to whom. Following closely, the audience is privy to the hot-off-the-griddle love triangle between the principals. At the same time, we try as hard as we can to Follow the Money.

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Those who have it want more and those who ignore it, willingly trade it for personal interest. In the end, this is a particular film which warns audience members, don't take your eyes and ears off the screen or else you'll lose your place. Interesting novel, but loses something when transfered to the screen. But, personally, I like the original movie as the re-make will steam up your glasses. Oak Owl 22 July Reading some of the earlier comments, I began to wonder if I'd seen the same film.

Watching it with friends, our comment at scene-changes was "and now, in an entirely different movie Why did Rachel leave Jeff in Mexico and go back to James? And then she says to James, "You have to let me go. James Woods' character changes about half way through, too; goes from being Mista Gangsta to the guy who looses the girl.

Although Mr. If there could be a reason to slog through this film, James Woods would be it. One of the guys watching the film with us: "We wuz robbed! When does she take her clothes off? Hey, where do I sign up? For those who consider themselves Jeff Bridges fans have never experienced him in this rather obscure film back in the year Jeff Bridges was definitely eye candy to the female demographic and it doesn't hurt that a romantic story is added to the crime drama that also stars James Woods and Rachel Ward.

The gorgeous island landscape will surely inspire you reconsider where you plan to go to for your next vacation.

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  • King of Miami (La Femme Fatale Publishing);
  • Phil Collins returns: ‘I got letters from nurses saying, “That’s it, I’m not buying your records”’;

And if the romance and the island paradise are not your cup of tea, there is also a story filled with conniving dirty scoundrels, corruption, greed, money and power that will likely keep the fans of noir intrigued. Jeff Bridges stars as Terry Brogan, a football player trying to make a comeback after being on the shelf with a shoulder injury.

But due to a political loophole, Brogan is cut from the team. Suffering from financial debt and nowhere to turn to he is contacted by a sleazy businessman Jake Wise James Woods whose reputation has not always been clean. Jake is also not on very happy terms at the moment because his girlfriend Jessie Rachel Ward who's the owner's daughter to the team that Brogan played for, betrayed him and left the guy in a perpetual limp.

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With an act of desperation for money, Brogan arbitrarily agrees to help Wise look for Jessie and sure enough he finds her, but is not sure if he wants to bring her back to Jake Wise as he falls head over heels for her. They soak up sun sun together, they frolic in the sand, which lead to Jake bringing in a hired hand to see what the hell is going on.

Things take a turn for the worse and the lovebirds find themselves in a precarious situation that neither of them can escape. Do they have the any chance to escape their fate before it is too late? The love triangle is surprisingly very engaging, even though situations like this has been done thousands of times before. The chemistry between Bridges and Woods is very intriguing and the romantic angle between Ward and Bridges will surely make your heart melt like a snowman in a microwave.

The suspense is engaging, the thrills are exciting and the action could get pretty intense at times. But the crime drama can also tend to have its share of awkward moments as well. Brogan has become a man on a mission even through blackmail and is now a man running for his life all on account of just looking for extra money to get him out of debt.

The premise can at time be quite surreal at times and the twists and turns are can leave you puzzled thanks mainly to the script by Eric Hughes and Daniel Manwaring. The plot of the story gets lost in the shuffle and the good relaxing time on the beach, well let's just say it wiped-out. Bridges plays his role quite convincingly as a wounded man, a naive guy who put his foot in a place he never should have been in from the beginning. The man has a heavy burden on his shoulder and he succeeds very well in carrying it.

I was never a huge fan of Rachel Ward, but she's not sore on the eyes. The dialogue between her a Bridges are well executed, but his attraction to her is well obvious and not very well hidden. Woods is in his usual territory as the slimy, back-stabbing remorseless scoundrel who has no problem dealing with anyone who crosses his path, even if it isn't always pretty.

Alex Karras as the head patriarch from the 's sitcom "Webster" plays a pivotal supporting role as a coach and sponsor to Mr. Though the story has its share of lopsided scenes, it is still one worthy enough to enjoy. For Jeff Bridges fans who have overlooked this one should see him in his prime. He brings his charm and personality here like he's done in almost 45 years he has graced the silver screen.

Phil Collins Against All Odds

It will surely please everyone who enjoys romance, suspense and action. JackBenjamin 5 September This is a solid, well balanced suspense thriller. The plot is intricate and nicely weaved, the acting is excellent, dialogue is tight.

Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return
Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return
Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return
Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return
Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return
Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return Against All Odds Back From The Point Of No Return

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